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YouRepo widgets for Websites is a suite of widgets bringing YouRepo content into your webpage content and buttons to encourage your YouRepo audience to share your content and subscribe to your YouRepo account updates.

By using YouRepo widgets for Websites you agree to the YouRepo Agreement and Policy.

Embedded Packages

An embedded Package brings the best content created on YouRepo into your article or website. It's easy to embed a Package using HTML and JavaScript markup available through the "Insert" Package action on YouRepo.

Night mode camera for low light photography

— Foxfort Repo

Embedded Sources

Embedded sources are an easy way to embed multiple Packages on your website in a compact, single-column view. Display the latest Packages from a single YouRepo source.

evelyn-ynam Source

Options availables

Customize an embedded Package or Source for your site's visual design and display preferences by including extra parameters in your embedded HTML.

Match your site's color scheme

An embedded Package or Source supports light and dark color themes and custom link colors. Customize YouRepo widgets at the page-level with <meta> elements or add data-* attributes to individual generated elements.

View our embedded reference documentation for a full list of embedded options.