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Add FTP user Legg til FTP-bruker
Generate new password Lag nytt passord
iWidgets directory
Sileo color has been modified !
Sileo banner added successfully !
Sileo banner
Sileo Color
Color for Sileo pages.
"%s" section will be copied to the new source, if it does not exists a section using the same name.
Email E-post
This package is already on another source ! Are you a pirate? Else contact us to verify your account. Denne pakka fins allerede i en annen kilde, er du pirat? Om ikke, kontakt oss for å stadfeste kontoen din.
Here, you can easily rename your source. Her kan du lett navne om kilden din.
Please delete all children sections first!
Add children sections Legg til underseksjoner
Children sections use parent section icon.
Sell your source Selg kilden din
By enabling this option, you can sell all your private packages with 1 purchase. Ved å slå på dette, kan du selge alle de private pakkene dine i ett salg.
Currency Valuta
%s is no longer featured on Sileo.
%s is now featured on Sileo.
You must set a banner image to get your package featured on Sileo.
Select packages you want to feature on Sileo.
Sorry, but this repo has been closed. Beklager, denne pakkebrønnen er stengt.

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