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Add images to theme page


i have a question about adding images to the theme page, i made icon masks and i want to add pictures for other to know how it looks like, but i can't find it anywhere to add them.

Hope this can be added or can be explained to me how it works.

Thanks guys in advance.


To add a mask that applies to all icons, go into Icon effets and select your mask. To add an icon to a specific app, just click on the app and select your icon, don't hesitate to slide between pages or add another app by using Add App Store or Add Manually button.

If you have better ideas to simplify the process, you're welcome.
Thank you for the reply, but that isn't really my question.
It's more how to add pictures of the theme on the package page, so you can see the theme without downloading it first.

Maybe it's already added, but just don't know how to do it.

Kind regards, Lars
Oh, just go into Manage your packages -> Actions -> Edit description and you have a field to add your images.
Thank you, that will help
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