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Theme Creator

Hey Themers,

We just launched a new tool to simplify theme creation.
Share your knowledge for Anemone, report bugs and feel free to say your opinion.


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Please speak only english on forums.

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Hi, as you can see this tool is in beta. Preview is still incomplete but it should works with Anemone.

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Sorry if this already exists, but is there a way to add a package icon?

Yes, you can do it by selecting "Add manually". You'll be allowed to enter bundle ID. Cydia Apps Bundle ID can usually be found by using a tweak called BundleIDs.

Sorry, but where is the add manually buttom? This is for a theme.


EDIT: Sorry for being unclear. When I said package icon, I meant the icon that appears in Cydia. Example:

Oh, no there's no option to customize that now. No information are available into Anemone Wiki, do you know a theme which modify these icons? I could see how they did and reproduce it.

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I found a theme on the ZodTTD repo called Blaztic

Are you sure?

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When you view the package description or view it online, you see it there. You may find it here:

Also, screenshot:

On the website, you can add your icon throught Edit description, at the top of form. On Cydia, that's not yet available I will add it as soon as possible. Thanks for the suggest'

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np. Just curious, is the icon image in the package file or is it on the site? I do have another repo on GitHub pages and was curious if you knew how to do this on that.


In fact, icons on YouRepo pages are stored on our website and are only used for YouRepo pages and not for Cydia. It can be edited through "Edit description" option on "Manage your packages" page.

For Cydia, I've added a new field on upload form. You must set a path to an image stored on user device. Image can be installed through your package but it will appear only once package is installed. If image does not exist Cydia will show section icon. That's why I can't automatically extract icons, its may be in the package actually uploading, like in a parent package (depends, default packages, ...). Eg:


Like this isn't a big improvement, I have only added a block with help text underneath the field.

For GitHub, you need to add "Icon" line to "Control", "Packages" & "Packages.bz2" files.

Have a good day'
Don't hesitate to ask help or improvement. ☺️

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Hey! I am loving this theme creator!It's great and as far as i know the best one! However i don't understand if there's a way to mask all other icons except the apps i have already assigned a custom icon through the theme creator. When i choose a mask or an overly it gets applied to the unthemed icons as well as to the already themed icons...

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