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A Neon WeChat Theme . 一款名为Neon的微信主题。(单独需要QQ主题的嘀嘀 QQ:727641715)

[单个9R跟QQ一起15R][主题使用Anemone加载] [Use Anemone]

安装好主题之后进入Anemone,找到分组Soda Theme,打开勾选加载,重启微信即可

After installing the theme, enter Anemone, find the group Soda Theme, open the check and load, restart WeChat.


注:部分地方需要手动修改,微信主题包里面自带教程,路径:Library/Themes/Neon WeChat Theme

Note: some parts need to be manually modified, and the WeChat theme pack comes with a tutorial. Path:Library/Themes/Neon WeChat Theme

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