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A colorfully random way to customize the look and feel of your device. New options and compatibility for all iOS 11.0+ users.

Sliders for dock height, color strength+opacity, custom colored dock, open and closed folders options to hide icons, icon labels, badges, accessories, add custom picked  or random colored highlights and/or icon labels. Add colored text on LS, CC, Spotlight, and Notifications. Square the edges of Control Center buttons and modules, widgets and notifications, or make them rounded. Skip screenshot previews, disable screenshots and more, over 40+ features.

Tested on iOS 11.3.1 iPhone 8+, iOS 11.1.2 iPhone 6+.  Works on iPhone X as well.

The cool colored, glowing theme is Folds, available here:

(Other theme’s in screenshots are Limelight folders, and Whiskey theme.)

New way to DONATE if interested in supporting me, I now have a bitcoin wallet. Here’s the wallet number: 


Any amount however small or large will go to my GF who has stage 4 cancer to help pay for treatments.

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