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4.04/5 (611 votes).

EW.Combo.5 (for XenHTML)

Contains: 1 LS + 1 SB (iWidgets version also available)

*For iPhones only.

Requires XenInfo.

LS widget: Installed to the LockHTML directory. Apply with Xen HTML.

  - Separated into 2 widgets: LS(bg) and LS(fore)

  - Functions:

  - Setting up:

  - Widget settings/options:

HS widget: Installed to SBHTML/iWidgets directory. Apply with Xen HTML.

iWidgets could be used alongside FrontPage (e.g. mySB for icon placement). Widget.plist for all screen resolutions are provided:

  - Functions:

  - Widget settings/options:


If you run into problems or have questions, please do NOT open a Paypal case without contacting me first, since I might be able to solve your issue. You can find me on twitter (@ev_ynw), or drop me an email at (Give me basic info, e.g. phone, iOS, widget number, and screenshots if any.)

Thanks for the support.

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